Taco Salad

The strange thing about recipes that have their roots in Mexico is that they all have pretty much the same ingredients - you know, corn chips, refried beans, hamburger, taco seasoning and lettuce. The basic difference in the recipes lies primarily in mode of preparation and in relative quantities of each ingredient. Alas, my recipe for taco salad is no different. It, indeed, contains all the ingredients enumerated above plus a few more. However, it does possess the advantage of being versatile and allows each individual consuming the dish to concoct a plate that will be geared specifically to their own taste.

This makes the cook's job sound easy. Unfortunately, this is not the case. I find that taco salad is one of the more laborious dishes to make. One must chop up innumerable vegetables placed in several dishes, fry the hamburger in one pan, while heating the refried beans in another. This recipe is a solid hour of work. Yet in the end the chef is rewarded by eager faces and rounded bellies. He also has the option of indulging in a bean fetish that is not always permitted under normal circumstances. Finger pulling will be a much favored sport after this meal is concluded.

Tomato Salad Recipe | Taco Salad Recipe


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