What to Do with Tomatoes

Believe it or not, there are people who do not like fresh tomatoes. I did not know this was possible until my wife divulged to me her secret. I was appalled. Our marriage went through a deep crisis. Until this revelation I had thought of us as a compatible duo, with similar likes and dislikes. As long as she let me exercise my bad sense of humor and drone on about politics, we got along. Suddenly a great shadow had arisen between us. How could the woman I love be so cold and callous as not to share my deep desire for tomatoes?

It was not until we moved to the Seattle area that this problem between us was resolved. You see, every year I plant a few tomato plants. In the Northwest tomato plants have a tendency to get blighted and yield a small amount of produce. Now, with minuscule crops, I found myself not wanting to share the meager produce available. I now huddle protectively over my tomatoes like a dog over his bone. The great Northwest has made me thankful my wife does not like tomatoes...all the more for me.

Tomatoes have many uses beyond their roll in a salad. They are used in all kinds of processed food from salsa to spaghetti sauce. They can even be dried to good effect and put in sauces and soups. They are great plain with a shaker of salt or sliced and laid out on a plate.

I usually consume tomatoes in two ways. First, I have a passion for tomato sandwiches, and, second, I love tomato and cottage cheese salad. I know, I know. It doesn't sound appetizing, kind of like peanut butter and banana sandwiches, or corn in a marinara sauce. Yet I have found myself looking forward more and more every year to tomato season simply so I can indulge myself in this one dish.

Potato Salad Recipe | Tomato Salad Recipe


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