The Potato Skin Controversy

In food preparation there are many controversies. Yet the controversy that seems to divide the population randomly - without reference to gender, creed, or economic status - into two equal halves, is whether or not skins should be peeled from potatoes used in making potato salad.

I happen to be a partisan who advocates keeping the skins on the potatoes. Although it is true that most of the vitamins of any vegetable are in the skin. Who cares? The important thing to me is that potato skins add much needed texture. Without the skins, potato salad is nothing better than mush. You may as well mix up a bowl of gruel. To those of you who do not like potato skins, "Get over it!"

Unfortunately, most stores, restaurants and delis are a slave to their customer base. They know that even people who like skins on their potatoes will eat it without skins. It is the other half of society that is intolerant and will seldom place a tentative toe across the boundary of true adventure. They would rather stay in their safe shell of pabulum and skinlessness. In order for us venturesome types to get our quota of potato salad with the skin on, we must make it ourselves.

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