Vegetable Salad Recipe

Serving Size : 1
Preparation Time :0:20

1 head lettuce
1 carrot
2 mushrooms
2 slices ham
4 slices cheddar cheese

You may either cut the lettuce into inch sized strips using a big knife, or you may rip it to shreds using your bare hands. After a hard day at the office or on the plant floor, I recommend the hands-on method.

Peel and slice carrot as thinly as possible. Some people would shred the carrot, but I think it is too much trouble to clean the shredder. Wash and slice mushrooms. Make ham into cubes or any other cut shapes that also happen to be bite sized. Slice cheese in a similar manner.

Add all ingredients and toss. This does not mean to heave the dish at the nearest, convenient feminist. Rather mix the ingredients by flipping them around in the bowl.

Add dressing of your choice.

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