In this country we typically eat salad before the meal. For some reason I never think of salad as part of that meal because it never seems to make a dent in my hunger. I could eat salad all day long and, though my stomach would be bloated and my digestive track loaded clear to the esophagus, I would still be hungry. Salad tastes good. There are times I even crave it, but it just is not filling. A man would not come in from a hard days work at the mill to eat a large bowl of salad in preparation for a pick-up game of basketball at the Y. No, there must be more.

Yet its insubstantial nature does not keep salad from becoming one of the more necessary parts of a person's diet. Salad carries loads of vitamins and essential roughage. Properly doctored lettuce leaves can even be made to taste good. There are many and various types of dressing. My personal favorites are creamy Italian, ranch and Caesar. A typical salad to complement a meal can be thrown together quite easily. Try the following recipe:

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