There are advantages to both frozen and canned vegetables. Generally frozen vegetables retain more vitamins and seem to taste more fresh. While canned vegetables will set longer and do not need to be kept constantly frozen. I would also argue that there are times when the taste of a canned vegetable is preferable to the fresher frozen taste. The obvious case is in green bean casserole. I personally like the taste of the left-over juice in canned corn, and you certainly could not make peas-on-brea' with anything but canned peas.

"Peas-on-brea'?" you ask. "I've never heard of that. Is that anything like cordon bleu?"

Actually you probably have never heard of peas-on-brea' because, as near as I can figure, my family members are the only people who eat this concoction. I think it was developed by of one of my rustic forebears, who was awful hungry for a large meal but had only a few basic ingredients lying around. It is basically peas, with the canned juice, on bread. My sister coined the Frenchified name, for obvious reasons.

It is actually quite tasty, and when my family gets together from disparate parts of the country peas-on-brea' is one of the delicacies in which we indulge - much to the disgust of the assorted in-laws.

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