What to Do with Acorn Squash

The truth is most vegetable recipes are simple. For most vegetables all you need to do is heat them up by steaming, boiling or microwaving; then add a bit of margarine and butter along with a sprinkle of salt and pepper. For me this formula is especially true with the squash family. The more you try to doctor up a squash the less I like it. A case in point is the acorn squash. It doesn't need all of those fancy marshmallows or a shot of cinnamon or any of that. It is best left adorned by a few simple ingredients.

Women too are best left unadorned - no, I don't mean completely unadorned. That has it's advantages, but this is not the time and place. What I mean is that women are best when they aren't doctored up with an excessive amount of makeup. I have noticed that the degree of a woman's confidence varies in inverse proportion to the amount of makeup she wears. It is also a sign that she is happy with herself, and not inclined to put on a false personality for the benefit of the world, (while inside exists another creature entirely). Marry a girl with a load of makeup and you don't know what you are getting into until after the honeymoon.

Of course, this rule is not a hard and fast one. Spinach can use some adornment and is probably better for being included in a quiche or a salad. Lettuce is good tossed with a bunch of other ingredients. But squash, well, try the following recipe and you will see what I mean.

By the way, when you meet up with a female of the species. Don't mention the vegetable theory, even if it compliments her. Women generally take offense at being compared to an acorn squash.

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