What to Do with Zucchini

Most vegetables are versatile. Zucchini is no exception. It can be sliced up and put into soups. It can be baked, fried, breaded, and even skewered.

If you have never grown zucchini in your garden, then you probably think it is a thin narrow vegetable that resembles a cucumber that you often see on the grocer's vegetable stand. However, if you leave it on the vine long enough it will take on the size and consistency of a baseball bat. I am sure it can be cooked in this state, but it is more fun to whack around a ball in the back yard with the kids.

Another factor in growing zucchini is its prolific nature. One plant can yield thousands, dare I say millions of zucchini. To keep up with the production of your garden, you will have to cook zucchini day and night. Because it is so easy to come by in season, I find it difficult to break down and buy zucchini even when it is not in season. Being such a cheap...I mean frugal...fellow, I only eat zucchini two months out of the year. Don't let your frugality deter you from this excellent vegetable. Whether your zucchini is store bought or home grown, try the easy recipe on the next page.

Green Bean Caserole Recipe | Fried Zucchini Recipe


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