Dips and Your Friends

If you are lucky enough to have friends who drop by unannounced, then you have also been put in a situation where you have nothing to eat because friends who don't call first are the same people who raid the refrigerator without asking. They will consume your beer, eat your left-over roast beast, and slop down the cottage cheese. They will dirty all the dishes and when they see you have nothing left to bother with, they will go home and leave you to clean up the mess.

Fortunately for you, these people are not willing to go through the trouble of preparing any food. This means that you will at least have a bag of blue corn chips that miraculously got overlooked and a few cans in the cupboard. This will be adequate to throw together a little something to munch on while you consummate your date with the remote control and three channels of ESPN.

Bean dip. Yes, bean dip is what you want. It tastes great even with the blue corn chips, and if your buddy returns to make sure he did not miss anything, you can claim it is a bean paste that your dermatologist prescribed to keep your pores dry. Just hope that he doesn't ask you to demonstrate.

French Squish Sandwiches | Bean Dips


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