Most people know the story about how the Earl of Sandwich invented the concept of putting meat and other ingredients between two slices of bread. He was so addicted to playing cards that he refused to be called away from the gaming table to eat a regular meal. What many people don't know is that the good Earl also invented the catheter for the same reason.

The concept and execution of sandwiches is quite simple and there is not a man on the North American continent who could not create a masterpiece of the art form with a well stocked refrigerator and a jar of Miracle Whip. Therefor I shall not try to instruct where there is no need. There is, however, a type of sandwich I discovered during my days in the Navy while doing a short port visit in Toulon, France.

It seemed that on every street corner there was a kiosk dedicated to making something they called the "American Sandwich". I am sure that the vendors changed the name of the sandwich to whichever nationality had a ship in port. We called them "French Squish Sandwiches." An appellation you will understand when you read this recipe.

Cheese Soup and Baked Potato | French Squish Sandwich


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