Chile, Chilly, Chili

Why so many spellings and meanings for the same word? Are they related? Does a person eat chili when they are chilly? Or is Chile a cool place where they grow chili peppers? I suppose having asked these important questions I should provide some answers. Yes, it can get chilly in Chile and chili will warm you up. Also, the rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain.

If there is one soup considered to be within the province of the male of the species it is indeed chili. Chili requires a strong hand, a strong stomach and a passionate disregard for ones own safety. You would not normally see a woman crushing a beer can on her skull. Similarly, she is very reticent about tossing a handful of dried pepper corns into a flaming brew with a batch of kidney beans and hamburger. This is why such bravado is left to we men who can perform such deeds with reckless abandon and disregard for consequences.

There are two requirements for chili: it must burn the mouth, even if consumed cold, and it must drain the nasal cavities even in the midst of a severe head cold. Anything that does not fulfill these requirements is mere pap.

Chili, made and eaten correctly, is an experience, sublime, ephemeral and mystical. It should transport the eater to another plane beyond which transcendental meditation can only hint. Buddhist monks set for hours chanting their mantras and cannot even get close to the place where a simple bowl of chili could bring them.

A perfect bowl of chili in conjunction with a stack of saltines will irresistibly crease the human face with a broad grin. The first bite will elevate the adenoids and lower the diaphragm and thus send the mind outside of the realm of normal body senses, for suddenly the entire being is focused on the tongue. Being thus focused is the end desire of all human endeavor. With a good bowl of chili you will see there is no longer a need to pursue, wealth, women and low boy Harleys. Okay, there may still be a reason to desire a Harley, and money can be useful, as for women what would we do without them? Still, a good bowl of chili will make you forget all that, if only for the instant that it sets the tongue on fire and blazes a burning trail down the throat.

For the proper chili experience, don't forget the saltine crackers and a cold beer as a chaser.

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