The All-American Meal

Of all the soup recipes I have concocted the one that seems to be most popular is potato soup. It may just be that the potato is the all-American vegetable. People think the Irish were dependent on the potato before the famous potato famine of the late 1840's. We make so many things out of potatoes. Imagine if we had a blight. No French fries with your burgers. No mashed spuds with your fried chicken. No baked potato with your steak. Of course people wouldn't starve to death the way they did in Ireland, but there sure would be a lot of grumpy folks running around.

A few friends and I sat around one day and tried to think of all the ways a potato can be cooked. It was an intellectual exercise from which I have not yet recovered. Some folks like to go to art museums and try to contort the chaos on canvas into some intelligible form in their head. I would rather make productive use of my time.

Of course, potatoes may be baked. They can be boiled, fried with onions, French fried, mashed and curly fried. They are made into potato chips, and potato skins are baked with cheese. I could go on for the possibilities are endless. Yet, the only way that I have never seen anyone eat a potato is in its raw state. So for research purposes I tried a raw potato. It did not take me long to figure out why most people cook them.

Since you have to cook them to enjoy them anyway. Try cooking up a pot of potato soup.

Lima Bean Soup Recipe | Potato Soup Recipe


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