Broth vs Cream

As a general rule, meat soups are broth based and vegetable soups are cream based. Ever hear of cream of beef soup? Beef is heavy enough on its own. It is the vegetables which need cream to give them body. Cream of mushroom, cream of tomato and cream of celery are a few common examples. You can find any one of these creamy vegetable soups in a can. All of them make a tolerable lunch time meal especially if swallowed with a sandwich and a hot cup of coffee. Yet you can add just a few ingredients to a canned soup and make it even better, some spices like garlic or basil, or even some frozen vegetables. Ramen soups are even amenable to this treatment. Try adding a half cup of frozen peas and carrots to any of the Ramen family of soups. You would be surprised at how it spruces them up.

Speaking of doctoring prepackaged soups. My tomato soup recipe is as good as good as any soup served in a restaurant. I am convinced that, every day all over the country, tall hatted chefs stand before huge stainless steel pots cracking open large cans of Campbell's tomato soup. They add some milk and toss in their preferred spices. Is it authentic to prepare a dish this way? Heck no. But the result is delicious - and the ingredients are cheap - so why not?

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