Company Foods

Some dishes simply lend themselves to being served to guests. When I was a kid and my father brought visiting associates home from work, my mom would always fix the same meal, spaghetti. I have done some work for the local shelter and have found that, invariably, the best meal to serve is…spaghetti.

Spaghetti is good for guests because it is easy to make, self-contained, goes well with anything and most importantly almost everyone likes it. Lasagna is another such dish. Lasagna is even better because it carries all of the food groups and can be balanced, albeit precariously, at the peak of the newfangled food pyramid.

When having guests, it is best to stay away from foods that require precise timing or elaborate preparations. The temptation to make chicken gorgonzolla for a dinner party may be near overwhelming. However, it can result in a gloppy sauce poured over dried-up, cold chicken.

It is best to keep company food simple and plentiful. Besides, if you succeed in pulling off a fancy dish, your friends will end up insulting you by calling you an esthete or an Epicurean or some other such high-brow insult. You will know that you have really succeeded with your guests if they pat their stomach and turn purple while trying to suppress a belch. Just be ready with a "hindlick" maneuver in case that belch turns out to be more than simply a little gas.

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