Italian Wines

I am no wine connoisseur, yet I have had some experience with this ubiquitous beverage. This much I can tell you. Wines take on some of the character of the place in which they are produced.

I do not know if this because climate has the same effect on grapes as it does on people. Or if it is because people put some of their personality in a wine when they produce it. I suspect that the answer her is "a little of both."

Thus French wines tend to be snooty and pretentious - with a delicate bouquet. German wines are hearty, robust and have a panzer division waiting to strike the unwary, and American wines are bourgeois knock-offs of the French. Spanish wines are sweet yet surreal and East European wines typically wear a babushka. Now, in my mind, the best wines for all occasions are Italian Wines. They tend to have that smiling friendly feel that lightens a heavy meal and makes a meal a little more fun.

Italian wine is the only one that comes close to being able to match beer in appropriateness with Pizza or Mexican dishes. Nevertheless, no wine, regardless of national origin, is appropriate with any dish during the Superbowl.

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