Pizza Toppings

When ordering a pizza the average person weighs the cost of multiple Pizza toppings with the relative benefit to the palate. It is a difficult decision because it is not easy to quantify the taste of baked mushrooms. Is it worth a dollar fifty to taste that soft-crunch that comes from a green pepper? Is it worth the extra cash to experience the aftertaste that comes from a black olive?

If you are like me, when you order out and are contemplating the cost, you are likely to end up with a cheese pizza.

However, a home baked pizza does not carry with it this stark choice. Instead, a person is faced merely with the pleasant contemplation of what combination of toppings will best quell those rumblings currently creating chaos in the stomach.

Different combinations appeal to different appetites. My personal favorite combination is the standard fare of pepperoni, mushrooms and onions, with a marinara sauce laced with red pepper and garlic. I like to think that this succinctly reflects my personality. Strong, warm-blooded, sometimes introverted and very often possessed of garlic breath.

Psychologists should take note. If you really want to understand your clientele, offer to buy them pizza with unlimited toppings. Those who require ham and pineapple are in need of a Hawaiian vacation. Those who like sausage and multiple meat toppings have sublimated their animal urgings. A person who must have strictly vegetarian toppings is obviously in need of a little loosening up, they take the world too seriously.

Watch out for the fellow who has cravings for diced squid or imagines his mother has something to do with his primal longing for cantaloupe. Worse yet is the guy who says he will just have cheese. He's likely to stiff you when it comes time to pay the therapy bill.

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