The Importance of Bacon

In salads, on potatoes, in spaghetti sauce, bacon can show up anywhere. That swelling smoky aroma that fills the lungs and turns the mouth into a cascading waterfall of saliva lends a flavor that cannot be beat.

When you are at a loss for a way to spruce up a dish, the solution may be as simple as that skinny bottle in the fridge. Add it to chili, or vegetables or even put it between two slices of bread. You can add it to most any dish with a degree of impunity equaled only by pepper and salt.

A cautionary note: Do NOT buy imitation bacon. It's a bit like buying imitation food. Sure, you can put it in your mouth and swallow it, but can you taste it or digest it? Stick with the real thing.

For those with religious scruples regarding bacon, there is no replacement. A lack of bacon is the sacrifice you make for your beliefs. Indeed, there is no such thing as kosher bacon. I have often pondered on whom I should admire more for their ability to self-sacrifice, the Orthodox Jew or the Catholic Priest. After all, the priest's abstinence only seems unbearable the first seventy or eighty years of his existence; It would be nigh on impossible to forgo bacon till Kingdom-Come whether you were waiting for the first coming or the second.

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