Starches - Not Just for Pressing Shirts Anymore

So, you have seen the big announcement. Starches have branched out and become their own food group, They are wedged somewhere between the grains and vegetables on the new food pyramid. In the same way that armies need privates (cannon fodder), the same way hives need worker bees (everyone knows the drones do the real work though), as pillows require feathers, starches are those staple-filler foods that no meal can do without. Their roll call may seem bland and flavorless, potatoes, rice, pasta, etc. Yet they make a meal filling, provide it with nutrients and energy and are the greatest receptacle devised by man or nature for the wonders of the culinary arts.

When you plan out a meal, you should do so with the intention of including items from three areas: meat, vegetable and, of course, starch. If anyone of these items is missing, the meal seems incomplete, unfulfilled.

Indeed, there is something spiritual about bulking up on potatoes. Many philosophic movements were begun by people who did not have enough rice or pasta in their diet. Take the Cynics for example. Cynic is Greek for dog, with very good reason, it was the Cynics who developed the notion that a man should live like a dog, including his diet. It is a well known fact that Plato developed his ideal "Platonic" reality because he hadn't gotten his quota of pasta salad and was feeling a bit peaked. All he could think about was the perfect twirly noodle. Even in modern times, existentialism was the out-growth of food rationing brought on by the struggle of two world wars. Camus couldn't seem to get any wild rice to go with his duck l'orange. You see what a chaotic mess has been brought about by a search for substance in the human diet?

To prevent the possibility of the rise of another impossible to comprehend philosophic movement go to the next page and try oven fried potatoes with almost anything. It is great especially with chicken gorgonzolla.

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