How to Avoid the Post-Thanksgiving Let Down

It is remarkable how much effort a human will go through to achieve a few brief moments of satisfaction. Athletes work and struggle constantly to achieve a few moments of glory on the playing field. An artist spends hours in front of a canvas just so he can hear some critic say, "The ethno-concentric boundries of his work fully express the primal nature of urban-living, while at the same time they feed the lofty urges of the soul." (Or words to that effect.) Even a man, if forced to it, will put up with hours of monotonous foreplay to achieve a few moments of genuine sexual gratification.

The fact of the matter is that almost anything worthwhile requires an investment of time and effort that, objectively viewed, seems out of all proportion to the final result. Thanksgiving dinner is a case in point. Indeed, as one surveys the table at the end of the traditional meal one wonders that so much preparation time could have turned into a field of debris in such a hurry. For the cook at such an occasion there is always a post-meal let down. If you aren't the cook, therefore, you should praise this person for their efforts to the point of utter obsequiousness. If you are the chef, you should invite such abject adulation, if only to fire future efforts.

However you feel, it is well to reflect that all effort was not in vain. A great meal is like a great work of art, or a close football game. Though it may not last forever in the physical realm it will live in the hearts and minds of its participants until their dying day. Next year when everyone is gathering again for the great holiday everyone will recall the Thanksgiving they spent at your house and wonder how they could match that great meal you threw together.

Then again, you might prepare a passable Thanksgiving meal the easy way. A turkey will roast just as well without stuffing. You may produce the dressing from a box, and Instant Potato buds are nearly indistinguishable from the real thing. Get your gravy from a jar and limit yourself to one vegetable, green beans come to mind. Tell someone else to bring dessert.

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