Thanksgiving: My Favorite Holiday

Most people have a favorite time of the year or a favorite holiday. Opinion polls are pretty much in agreement that the favorite holiday of children in the US and Canada is Christmas. Both parents normally find Christmas to be too fatiguing and frantic to constitute a favorite. The favorite of most women - though feminists have struggled long and hard against this tendency - is St. Valentines day. Their reason is obvious.

Men, of course, disdain most holidays because of the need to remember to buy their wives flowers, a gift, or jewelry - and if they happen not to remember, dire consequences will result. I am convinced that Scrooge was correct in his original assumptions about Christmas. He could equally have applied his apt phrase of humbug to any number of other days in the year.

Most men will agree that the best holiday of the year is Thanksgiving. There are manifold reasons. First, he doesn't need to worry about gifts. Second, there are six hours of professional football featuring the Detroit Lions and the Dallas Cowboys. Third, it is the beginning of a four day weekend. Four, hunting season has begun or soon will begin. Five, it is too cold to cut the grass and too warm for snow. Five, pumpkin pie. Six, tryptophan. And finally, the clincher, green beer - no wait, that's St. Patricks day. Anyway there is sure to be one huge turkey with dressing and what is typically referred to as "all the trimmings". The recipe may be found posted on the next page:

BBQ Turkey and Drumsticks | Traditional Turkey and Dressing Recipe

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