There is no more substantial food than turkey. It is unfortunate that it is reserved primarily for holidays. You are probably already aware that turkeys are a bird native to North America. The Aztecs kept them much the way that Europeans kept chickens. In fact it was turkey meat that fueled Cortez's army while it conquered Mexico. I find it interesting that we do not generally associate turkey with Mexico but with Plymouth Rock and the first thanksgiving and all that.

One more historical note: Ben Franklin wanted the national bird to be the turkey because of its productivity, versatility and nativity. He was overruled by a bunch of guys who thought turkeys were not smart enough to be a national bird.

As far as I know, turkeys are no dumber than the average bird or even a few humans I am acquainted with. Nevertheless, Franklin was correct about the versatility of turkeys. Nowadays, we make ham and sausage and pepperoni and any number of meats from them. Ground turkey can also be used as a low fat substitute for hamburger. Besides roasting the bird whole, various parts can be used in various ways. Go to the next page to find a recipe for one of my favorites:

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