The Dreaded Sausage Effect

It is a well known precept of dietary science that various foods have various effects on the human digestive system. The problem is that these effects are not universal. My father insists that eating a banana is like sticking a cork in...well a relatively tender spot. Bananas have no such effect on me. As far as I am concerned bananas are a fairly neutral food.

Thus any advice from me on the subject of natural diuretics is purely speculative. Nevertheless, I am certain that there is something out there known as the sausage effect. It is caused by the consumption of excessive amounts of sausage and leaves the body depleted and drained of energy. I am convinced that this effect is a direct result of fats and oils which have a tendency to grease the skids - if you know what I mean.

This is not to say that you should stay away from sausage. Far from it. I only caution you against over-indulging. I happen to love kielbasa or Polish sausage or what have you. There is a product called chedarwurst that is great on a bun with a little mayonnaise, mustard and catsup. There is another danger here, though. Polish sausage dogs tend to plump when microwaved or boiled. If not approached with respect and from the appropriate angle one can be squirted in the nose by a hot stream of boiling oil, not a pleasant experience - I can tell you. And the subsequent blister will invite ridicule at least until the slow healing process is completed and possibly for some time thereafter.

Perhaps the best way to consume sausage is with sauerkraut. For a pleasant exposure to the sausage effect, try the recipe posted on the next page:

Baked Lamb Recipe | Sausage and Kraut Recipe

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