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Some of the best recipes are made from the simplest of ingredients. Many go back generations to a time before our reckoning. These recipes are steeped in tradition and every bite recalls a simpler time. You have probably heard of "Slop on the Shingle" or some variant. When I was a child, I always heard it refered to by its acronym: "SOS". I can remember watching a movie where a ship was going down in heavy seas. From the radio room, they sent out the morse code message, "S...O...S." I thought they were placing an order for when they returned to port.

Of course, slop is merely the polite term many mothers used to replace the original appellation, which will go unmentioned here. When you recall cedar shingles and you see a stack of toast topped with gravy, it is easy to see how this culinary delight got its name.

SOS makes a filling lunch time meal. It is easy to whip together and is a great hit with the little ones. Try it.

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