Fine Tune a Tuna Recipe

Fish, of all varieties, is definitely manly fare. Yet I have, for the most part, neglected it. This is easily explained by the fact that I am allergic to fresh fish. Unable to experiment with fish in recipes, I feel it is perhaps better if I leave the topic alone.

It is also important to note that fish is brain food. My friends and family feel that my inability to eat fish might explain a lot. However, I wistfully feel it only points up what might have been.

Sly insults aside, there is one fish to which I have never had an allergic reaction. That is tuna fish. This is one of the more versatile as well as inexpensive foods that can be drawn from a tin can. You may substitute canned chicken in nearly any recipe that calls for tuna, but considering cost as well as taste, I see little reason to do so.

One of the easiest dishes known to the culinary arts is tuna and noodle casserole. This one is good to throw together on a Saturday afternoon during the final four. You can set on the couch next to your favorite potato mate with a full bowl of tuna and noodle casserole and know that you are getting a wallop of nutrition coupled with a nice blast of brain food to help you keep track of who is where in the standings.

Country Style Ribs | Tuna and Noodle Caserole

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