About Euro-Pork

European dishes are always in style. This is because European's make food their life. Every European nation has its specialties and every tiny nation has its chefs who lovingly prepare every dish with little fingers raised. They also work with their nose condescendingly stuck into the air and despite these handicaps they crank out some great stuff.

Now that Europe is combining into one huge conglomerated mass, their food may go the same way. This is a disappointment to some. Yet there are already benefits coming from this amalgamation of cultures: Euro-Pork. This dish is quick, elegant and involves slabs of meat, so it must be good. The recipe is also quick an easy to prepare. It is loaded with dark green herbs and just a little bit of Madeira. This is another on of those recipes that are easy to fix, but also impress the locals.

Breaded Pork Chops | Euro-Pork Recipe

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