Aprons and Other Protective Gear

There is a need in cooking for certain protective gear. In the introduction, I mentioned the ubiquitous oven mitt. Without it a person would not be able to handle hot baking dishes or make puppet gestures for the kids. A CO2 canister is also handy to have nearby in case a load of French Fries attempts a revolution.

Aprons are a delicate subject for most men. Some will wear them. Others will not. I must confess that an apron can be a handy item of cover if you want to keep catsup stains off your coveralls. However, a man must be careful about the apron he wears. I would not be caught dead in one that has any frills on it or accentuates my narrow waste. If I am going to wear an apron, I prefer one that is made of black rubber and could also be used for aluminum arc welding.

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