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Praise from a reader:

...By the way, I went to Barnes and Noble to purchase your book and they were SOLD OUT! I had to resort to buying it online. All my friends think it's hysterical. (Our mothers and significant others fail to see it's humor, but thats part of the fun isn't it?)

David                           more praise

cover "The Real Man's Cookbook" is a fun book chock full of recipes and anecdotes. You will want to read straight through this book to discover all the secrets of good and simple cooking.

Each mouth-watering recipe is accompanied by a story or commentary that is both witty and charming. Find out how to complement the host at Thanksgiving dinner. Make the famed French Squish Sandwiches. Learn how to steal recipes from friends and neighbors and make them love you for it. Find out how Chicken Gorgonzolla could bring "Peace in Our Time!"

This cookbook will stand out on your cookbook shelf and demand to be read and used...over and over again. Use one of the buttons on the left to order the book. You will soon find out what fun and an adventure cooking can be for only a few dollars!

The easy recipes make "The Real Man's Cookbook" by W.J. Rayment great as a gift for graduating seniors soon to be on their own.

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