Real Men don't make desserts. However, there is always the chocolate solution. I have never known a box of candy to go amiss when women are present. If you are with a bunch of guys, just drag out a piece of venison cooked on the grill and that will suffice.

On a completely different note. I thought you might be interested in how to remember the spelling of dessert (food) and the barren desert where people typically are searching for water and food, on their hands and knees, with their tongue hanging out, and seeing a variety of enticing mirages. It is really quite simple. As desserts are full and rich, they have two s's, and the empty desert has only one. I think what messes people up is that they are typically pronounced the opposite of what would seem appropriate when looking at the spelling. Because of this, I propose that we begin pronouncing the after-dinner treat, "duzzert", and the sandy barren waste, "deeezurt". It would be confusing at first, but if we all do it at the same time, it will clear up a lot of confusion for third grades spelling classes.

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