Versatile Chicken

You may have noticed in the above recipes that chicken is a versatile meat. Not only can it be used in a variety of dishes but it can be substituted for other meats in any number of recipes. Where recipes call for hamburger, ground chicken can do just as well. Also, I have used pork to substitute for chicken in some recipes, try pork in the chicken and dressing recipe. The only thing to be careful about is spices. Certain spices are typical with chicken, especially thyme. Also, I am not fond of chicken with any kind of marinara sauce. However, this is a personal thing that derives from a bad experience of my youth when my own dear father decided to experiment with food preparation. His concoction included spaghetti sauce, chicken, corn, green olives and cottage cheese. I do not think he could have chosen a more unlikely combination. Before you experiment too wildly with food, you should have some degree of experience and perhaps a license from the Food and Drug Administration. After we ate his meal, I believe that we were eligible for funding from the department of the interior for toxic waste cleanup.

Chicken can be the foundation of a wonderful meal. I shall conclude the chicken chapter with a once savored, but now oft-ignored recipe for chicken. Don't worry - there is no tomato sauce in this one.

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