Us Hoi Poloi

Many of the recipes we now take for granted were at one time not eaten by the hoi-poloi, we denizens of the lower classes, we proletarians. Because the ingredients were costly, and the tastes expensive only the wealthy could afford such dishes as pheasant picant por la duk, or what not. Indeed, the peasant was so heavily taxed that he could barely throw together some recipe like chicken and barley, and was more likely to be eating gruel morning noon and night. Now gruel is fine stuff as far as it goes, but it gets tiresome after a few years.

As the industrial revolution and the division of labor brought wealth to the lowest classes, meals once reserved for only the most high-fallutin' could be enjoyed by all. Such a meal is chicken ala king. Of course, a real man would not want to be caught concocting such a fabrication. We are more down to earth, and don't need to indulge ourselves in the delicacies of past ages. It is better to think of chicken ala king as a chicken in gravy sauce. Pour it over a few hardy biscuits and tell your friends it's chipped chicken on a roll. Only you need to know that you are eating like a king.

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