Peace in Our Time

Wars have raged on since the dawn of humanity. There have been wars over corn liquor (the Whisky rebellion), wars over religion (the Thirty Years War and the Crusades), wars of conquest (most of the rest of them), and, not surprisingly, wars over women (the Trojan war for example). Yet, I believe that wars have a root cause that underlies all of the superficial reasons given in the history books. It is a burning hunger, a lack of fulfillment, a space in the stomach and the mind that has been left empty and barren.

I am convinced that there is an end, a solution to war. If we could just serve a nicely baked Chicken in a creamy Gorgonzolla sauce to all of the worlds leaders and military men, we would fill the empty place in the marshal soul of man. The soldiers would lay down their arms. Politicians would kiss each other on the cheek in brotherly affection. We would indeed achieve peace in our time.

I base this revolutionary theory on the fact that Gorgonzolla cheese is a blue cheese that comes out of Italy. The Italians are noted lovers and also have made fairly poor soldiers ever since the fall of the Roman Empire. Historians generally considered their energies as having been spent in the rise of the Empire and the precipitous plunge into decadence. However, the truth is that they discovered chicken gorgonzolla and have been unable to mount a creditable fighting force ever since.

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