A Barbecue Secret

Secret recipes are intriguing. They lend an air of mystery to the cook or chef. If I have any cooking secrets it is only because the world in general has not bothered to listen, or I have neglected to tell them. I have often wondered what prompts people to keep a recipe secret. Does it increase their sense of their own importance, or will someone be hurt physically or emotionally by a revelation that someone put cinnamon in their meatloaf? - well, that at least is a possibility.

As far as I can figure, there is only one reason to have a secret in cooking: there is something disgusting about the cooking procedure or one of the ingredients. For example, my wife is blissfully unaware that there is mustard in Chicken Curry. Although she loves the stuff now, this knowledge would keep her from taking another bite of it. There would be little point in writing a cookbook if I were not willing to reveal my secrets and generally lay bare my soul.

So as long as I am not keeping secrets here, and am endeavoring to be completely open and honest, I must admit to having stolen the basic procedure for this next recipe from my brother, who is an excellent barbecuer in his own right. Let me just add, while I am being honest, I am not being generous as the only remuneration my brother shall receive is a few lines of text and a plate of barbecue chicken.

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