Curry Favor with a Curry Flavor

Here in America, we live in what has come to be called a melting pot of cultures. Although this fact has many political ramifications, with different factions vying for the vote of various sub-cultures, for me it has a far more important meaning. You see, every culture that has come to this country has brought with it, not simply a religion or a world view, but a whole different array of foods.

Imagine how boring this place would be without pizza, and tacos and chop suey. Well, these dishes may have had their roots in other cultures, but they have become as American as apple pie and that is what living in a melting pot is really all about. It is not an effort to preserve purified each wave of national immigrants to this country. It is, rather, all of those influences melding naturally into one greater America.

It is with this optimistic perspective that I have personally adopted chicken curry as my own contribution to American culture. No, I am not from India, I don't even know anyone with Indian heritage. Heck, truth be known, I stole this recipe from my sister. I do know, however, that this is a great dish.

Besides its ethnic flavor, Chicken Curry is quite hot - in the spicy sense, and makes a great natural analgesic. It will clear blocked nasal passages quicker than you can say neo-sinephrin. So serve this with plenty of Kleenexes and a cold glass of milk.

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