Meat Pies

My chicken pot pie is really a variant on the beef pot pie recipe. I hope that I am not leaving myself open to accusations of unmanliness by saying that I prefer the chicken over the beef in this case.

The idea of meat pies has always intrigued me. Pies are usually thought of as a sweet and eaten at desert. So when someone mentions a meat pie the assembled audience immediately thinks of mince meat and crinkles up their collective nose as if they had just gotten a whiff of sodium sulfate. I make all due assurances that a chicken pot pie contains no sweeteners and, since it contains a ubiquitous can of mushroom soup, must be delicious.

Meat pies seem to me to be typically English. The English will make a pie out of almost anything, even cuts of meat that you would only consider if you had survived a plane crash in the Andes and the flight attendants had all been wiped out. Take kidney pie for example and pork pie hats and four-and-twenty blackbirds...

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