An Irish Reverie

Ireland is a wonderful place to visit. Admittedly the food there is not always particularly spicy. Nevertheless it always seems to fill a gaping maw and fortify a flagging spirit. Ireland is one of the few countries that has successfully exported its atmosphere to little spots all over the United States. For the atmosphere of that land is not solely in the shamrocks, the ever present rain, or the friendly red-headed people. It's more an attitude that can be found in every Irish Pub in America and every home that chooses to take up an Irish tune.

Thus it was no surprise to me on traveling through southern New Jersey to find a wee bit of the old country. I stopped in at an Irish Pub and sidled up to the bar. On a TV hanging over the bar two pugs were boxing with all the skill and finesse of a couple of bulldogs. The barmaid's skirt ended well up her thighs and she had the good grace to keep them constantly within my view. Best of all they had Guinness on tap. I thought I was in Heaven. When I looked at the menu, I realized there was only one thing to order: Shepherd's Pie.

You've got to try the Shepherd's Pie recipe on the next page. At your discretion you can substitute either chicken breast or lamb for the hamburger.

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