When to Cook Beef

We have established that beef is primarily a man's food. However, this doesn't mean that women cannot eat it too. Unfortunately for them, medical science has determined that chocolate is more in tune with their delicate taste-buds. They cannot fully appreciate a blackened prime rib or a juicy t-bone. Yet they can enjoy it in a limited way. Thus it is appropriate to eat beef in the presence of the opposite sex - it's not quite like telling an off-color story - although the man should express some empathy for the woman's plight by offering to exchange her slab of New York Strip for a Hershey bar he just happens to have handy.

Summertime is classically steak time. Cooking outside is important to keep from overheating the house. Wintertime is great for roasts because having the oven on for several hours serves a dual purpose. Steaks seem to go with traditional summer food such as potato salad and cold beer. Roasts naturally require potatoes cooked with the roast and carrots and mushrooms and the other traditional winter consumable - cold beer.

Beef is delicious any time. Hamburgers are good for outdoor barbecues when you have guests, and roasts are best when you want to fill the house for hours with a smell that reminds you of your grandpa's farm and your Grandma, wearing her apron, bending smilingly over a hot stove. It makes my nostrils twitch just thinking about it. For a great roast recipe click "next page", and once you've tried it straight, try it with half a bottle of beer tossed in for good measure.

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