Safe Handling of Beef

Meat should never be eaten raw - or even close to raw. Fire was invented for a very good reason - and it wasn't just so we could smoke a fine cigar after dinner. I'm not saying that you have to eliminate all trace of red in your meat. A little pink is okay. You just don't want to look like a sloppy vampire if a bit of au jus happens to dribble down your chin. And the effects later of an undercooked hunk of meat can be truly explosive.

Do not re-freeze beef, or any other kind of meat if you happen to change your mind about "what's for dinner". Toxins build up over time, and these toxins are not destroyed by the average heat that comes from cooking. They are actually a bi-product of bacterial activity. Remember, just freeze once.

You have heard it a million times before: Don't forget to wash your hands...before and after you handle meat, and like your mama told you, "USE SOAP."

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